People living in peace with nature. Select an accommodation of your style.


From Gracious hotels surrounded by woods to Ryokan at historical old path.
Okuise Forestopia
  1. ホテル

Excellent location in the middle of the forest with five types of cottages and several hotel type rooms (Miyagawa Sanso). There are various plans for different types of accommodation, visit our website for more information.

  1. 旅館

Located in front of the JR San-Seya Station.A long-established dine-inn with a wide variety of meals from set meals to simple dishes, as well as alcohol can be enjoyed at night. The dining wing and the accommodation building are separate. Long term lodging is also possible.


A restaurant inn in front of the JR San-Seya Station. We have a menu that covers sushi, eel, Japanese food and Western food. Coffee is free for lunch and is popular among businessmen. Visit our website for more information.

Ryoukan Okajimaya

A Kumano Kodou Iseji accommodation. Located along the the road used during the Edo period and prospered during the its first days as an inn. The current building has been rebuilt during the Showa period. Reservation required.


Simple hospitality but heartwarming as if you are at home.
Residence Accommodation Experience - Kawahara
  1. 民泊

Private accommodation in the central part of the town in Kuriya district. Each guest room is equipped with a traditional hearth (Japanese fireplace). Barbecue is available in in the summer and can accommodate 1 group of up to 8 people.

Yamazato Private Accommodation - Mikuri
  1. 民泊

Private accommodation in the Kuriya district. You can find wild vegetables and experience local soba noodles, as well as cooking experiences such as charcoal based BBQ are among one of the popular activities available. You can also enjoy \\\"Biotopes\\\" and \\\"Goemonbokuro\\\".

Peach Tree Mountain House
  1. 山小屋

A 80 year old mountain hut by the Ogitsugaya mountain route. Approx. 4 hours from the climbing entrance. Open from the end of April to the end of November.