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The sweets shop offers handmade cakes and drinks. There are a bar table facing window, a large wo...

Montmartre Kameya

The Japanese sweets shop sells traditional sweets and cakes - all handmade. One of the popular sw...

Gensaka Sake Brewery

Founded in in 1805, this is the only family- and private-owned sake brewery in Odai. Their most p...


A DIY store that has everything you'd need such as daily use items, gardening tools, home applian...

nijiiro original products & antiques

Sit on the Ise-ji route of the ancient Kumano Kodo pilgrimage trail, the gallery is a quiet place...

Kitchen Umi-monogatari

A medium-size supermarket that sells a variety of fresh fish, ready-to-eat food, obento (lunch bo...


The only 100 yen shop in Odai that sells home appliances, stationaries, health products and more.

Family Mart Kawazoe

A convenience store which is seven minutes walk from JR Kawazoe station. Open 24 hours.


A variety store that sells US Navy items, home and interior accessories.


The owner of this gallery is an artist who has renovated an 140-year-old Japanese house to built ...


A good-old wagashi (Japanese sweets) shop in Odai.

Family Mart

A convenience store which is open twenty-four hours is located within walking distance from JR Mi...

Somekawa Liquor Shop

An old liquor shop that sells Odai's local sakes.

MaxValu Store

A supermarket that sells liquors, paper cups/plates, sparklers and more.

Okuise Odai

Situated very close-by, Odai's roadside rest area offers the Odai's tourist information and a res...

JA Miyagawa Super Market

A grocery store.

Cocokara Fine

A chemist that sells drugs, supplements, makeup items, daily use items, snacks, ice cream and a l...


A small convenience store that is located on the Ise-ji route of the ancient Kumano Kodo pilgrima...