Mountain Climbing

Untouched Mountains and Rivers, Odai town.
Osugi canyon’s mountain trail Mt. Soumon Yamato canyon Aizu pass

Starting from west Daiko mountain range where there is headstream of Miya River, you can find various mountains with expressive face in Odai town.
The most western part of Odai bordering with Nara prefecture is known as one of the highest rainfall areas in Japan and it is called Odaigahara and Osugi Canyon. Abundant rainfall has grown waterfalls and precipitous canyons. Those canyons are recognized as one of Japan’s top three canyons called “Osugi canyon’s mountain trail” which welcome hikers. These trails are for middle level trekker and not for beginners without trekking gears.
Mt. Kitasoumon and Mt. Soumon has easier access and are recommended for beginners. There are prepared paths in Mt. Kitasoumon and you can choose routes depending on your physical condition. You can hike both mountains in a day and enjoy the view of Miya River and Ise Gulf if the weather permits.
*Forest roads to Mt. Kitasoumon and Mt. Soumon are now under construction. Scheduled to be reopen before Apr. 2017.

Before you go trekking please kindly submit a trekking notification form to one of the following places via fax or mail: Mountain trail entrance post, Osugiyama trekking center, Odai Police station.

Mountain Climbing

Osugi canyon’s mountain trail

One of the three best canyons in Japan. This best canyon course offers you splendid views of emerald green river and magnificent waterfall.
14 km long, vertical drop 1200m. The trail is beautiful but rough along canyon and there are a few reports of trekkers accidentally taking a nasty fall to die every year.

Check the nature of "Oku-Ise" panoramic!
Check “Shishi gorge” / Check “Dokura waterfall”

大杉谷ガイドブック Cedar
Mt. Soumon and Mt. Kitasoumon

These mountains located in center of Odai town are for all trekkers from beginners to experts. Having base at Oku-Ise forestpia, taking a bath in hot spring on the way back is highly recommended.
*The forest roads are now under construction. Scheduled to be reopen before Apr. 2017.


Yamato canyon for autumn colored leaves

Perpendicular canyon along Miya River artificial pond lying adjacent to Osugi canyon. Leaves of trees along roads will turn all colored in autumn. You can drive there but walking to the canyon is recommended. The best time to visit there is usually middle of November.

Aizu pass for cherry blossom

A pass between Matsuzaka city and Odai town known as best place to see mountain cherry blossom. It usually reaches full bloom in middle of April and you cannot miss to see cherry blossom blooming on all side of mountains. Please watch out for cars passing by when walking.

First prize at Odai photo contest 2016 “Aizu pass in morning fog”