Furusato Plaza Momijikan

Excellent restaurant facing the "Miyagawa" river. The log house styled building is filled with the warmth of wood. The delicious taste of the local rice cooked plump is excellent and makes you want to get seconds. Closed on Tuesdays.

Business Hours 9:00 - 17:00
Regular Holiday Tuesday
Reference 5-1 Shimomate Ōdai-chō, Taki-gun, Mie-ken 519-2501
And Abundant Menu

Including a limited daily set meals such as Jibie-Dons to Jibie-Pots (Pot available during winter only) & Ayu set meal menus and more. These set meals are available only here! We also have a wide variety of hand-made bread and the kettle shrimp sandwiches are a popular menu and usually gets sold out in the morning. In case you want to purchase bread, be as early as possible!

Location & Yamagaras

We are located at an outstanding location overlooking the Kiyomizu Nippon Ichi and Miyagawa River, with terrace seating as well. On the terrace, bird treats for the Yamagara (varied tit) are prepared, if you put the treats on your hand, cute yamagara's will gather around.


There are a variety of fresh produce such as vegetables and dried fish, Jibie (Game / Quarry) meat and special products such as sweets and wooden products. A recommendation is the "Mosode Bamboo Rice" which uses bamboo powder as fertilizer. It is this rice that is used in our menus, and the taste of rice is also a secret of our meals popularity.