Roadside Station Okuise O-dai (Magokoro Restaurant)

We have a wide variety menu, and the set meals are up to scale. The "Odai Locomoco" is a menu that sticks to local ingredients. The stalls offer the "Tasty Burger" of deer meat patty is available for sale as well.

Business Hours 8:00 - 18:00
(Parking and Toilet is open 24 hours)
Regular Holiday 1st & 2nd of January
Reference 663-1 Sawara Ōdai-chō, Taki-gun, Mie-ken 519-2404
A Unique Roadside Station "Roadside Station Okuise O-dai"

The "Roadside Station Okuise O-dai" is certified as a priority roadside station for tourists, the station is popular with the locals and is widely used during the weekends.
In the main hall, you can find local seasonal vegetables and local products such as "Shiitake" mushrooms, "Odai" tea, "Miyagawa Ayu", woodworking products, from Odai Town, Taiki Town and Taki Town. Fresh vegetables may be sold out by mid-morning, so it is recommend to visit during opening hours. The specialty is "Nasho Mochi" and Chubby Rice Cake.

Freshly Made Rice

The "Magokoro Dining Hall" which is attached to the roadside station has a wide variety of noodles and set meals, and is usually crowded during the daytime at weekends so you may have to wait in line before you can get served. "Today's station lunch (35 meals only)" is a popular menu. Handmade side dishes are also popular.

The Monthly "Okuise Wai-Wai City"

The "Okuise Wai-Wai City" is held once a month on a Sunday. Cooking with seasonal vegetables and the making of Sweets, like the specialty "Detarameyaki", various sales, local drum group's drum performance and much more. Seasonal events such as Rice Cake Experience, Nagashi Somen, Unlimited Vegetable Knots and many more during the event. For more details, please visit the official homepage.