Okuise Gallery

A gallery & coffee shop renovated from an old private house built 140 years ago. The owner was a woodworking craftsman. Enjoy the unique craftsmanship while drinking coffee. Closed on Mondays.

Business Hours 10:00 - 17:00
Regular Holiday Monday
Reference 1064 Takana Ōdai-chō, Taki-gun, Mie-ken 519-2429
140 Year Old House

"Okuise Gallery" and "Handmade Studio Ise Ikusa" produces, exhibits and sells wooden products using Miyagawa's local materials. In the gallery, you can drink delicious coffee (300 yen) while watching furniture, antiques, and art works.

Miyagawa Cedar Furniture

The furniture use cedar grown in Miyagawa. Although cedar is said to be soft and not suitable for processing, furniture of cedar wood gives taste and making good use of its casualness, lightness, and personality considering it's warmth and how it's made.