Okuise BBQ Area

The food court mainly has noodles such as soba noodles and udon noodles. Rice balls are also popular. Odai green tea ice-cream is also available.

Business Hours 8:30 - 19:00
Regular Holiday None
Reference Kine Motorway Okuise Parking Area
TEL. 0598-83-6515
TEL. 0598-83-6505
Special Products of Odai Town on the Go, Direct Access from the Expressway

Located as a a parking area from the Konan Expressway. You can purchase and taste special products of the town while on the highway. Popular items include rice cakes and dairy products of Ouchiyama. Other souvenirs are also available.

Udon and Rice Balls

Curry udon is a popular menu. A unique rice ball with the ideas that came together from the locals. "Tanuki-Nigiri" with "Ise Takuan" and mayonnaise are popular among children.

Looking for the Heart-Shaped Cobblestones

There are several heart-shaped cobblestones on the parking area grounds, it is said you will be happy if you find it as a couple!